Sunday, October 3


"The language marches in step with the executioners./ Therefore we must get a new language" Tomas Tranströmer

"I am transparent
and writing becomes visible
inside me" Tomas Tranströmer

I am the transit
I am transit and transitorial

cars floating on mirrors of rain
little lights inside them
little people perhaps

but no souls

no souls on the road
no souls

words in our mind
do not appear in letters
types of letters

you don´t write letters anymore
you write me mails
I write a blog

the new letters

letters appear in front of me
as I pronounced them
because I want to
not because it has to be

nothing has to be
and yet
we dwell inside our lonely cars
in search
of that being

we are what we are
are we what we are
we are language
language created everything

if God Is
is language

red lights you can ignore
john coltrane music

I am transit
I hope Trans poetry wins
I hope we recreate hope
with means
and actions

not only words

this time
poetry has to do things
make something new out of something

this time
is the same time

nothing has changed
the orange sun
in the horizon of your eyes


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