Tuesday, October 12

Dis Cover Me

Dis Cover me

they say I am yours


What´s the meaning of the color?
What´s the meaning of colors?

I thought it was my protector
from the sun
you see

I love you with thunders of love
Oh love
Oh love

You are different
completly different
from me

Why not?

What´s the color of love?

It is really red?
Have you seen it?

People in advertising say it is


red and with a fat angel carrying a heart
a heart that doesn´t resemble a real heart

My love
I want to be black
I want to be black with you
like you

I am blue

Dis Cover Me
Dis Cover Me


they say im yours now
they say im your slave


dis Cover Me

I want to be free

like you

Do you really love me?

Set me free

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