Friday, December 3

What to do

Your eyes
the dream of the dream

sleeping beauty of brightness


your eyes, your nose, your mouth

breathing you
i breathe

breathing you
i live

no mirrors

i can see you
just as you are

is possible

you came

you are here

you are there


you are this words

you are my words

you are the meaning

you remind me of life

you remind me of my life

the one i had lost


in this chaotic times

in this time without time

running time

stupid time

you are my time

you are my years to come

you are the years i wait

for you

i knew you

i knew i will see you


and there you are

and here we are

what to do

what do do

loving you

loving you

white ideas

white and peaceful home

the space

the space between us

is this wanting

is this future

is this present time

what to do


love me

love you

love you

love me

what to do

what to do

i dont know

be with you

be you

be you




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